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“As a young girl, I realized that not only was writing my gift but also my freedom.”
– Joy E. Glenn

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Joy E. Glenn is a native of West Palm Beach, Florida. She was the 7th of eight siblings. Born into a devout Southern Pentecostal churching-going family where religion took center stage and with such a large family, PLUS super strict parents; it was often a challenge to find her own voice. So, Joy often escaped her reality through books. Her obsession with reading and books sparked her interest in writing. From the time that she won a short story contest in the third grade, Joy always knew that she was destined to be an established author.

Joy later served in the United States Air Force for over 7 years. She has been married for 16 years and counting. She and her husband have been blessed with 3 beautiful children who are the center of their world and the motivation for all the hard work Joy puts in juggling family, faith, and career.

While serving her country in the Air Force, Joy was deployed numerous times and lived in 4 different countries: achieving multiple awards and medals throughout her military career. Through her life’s travels and accomplishments Joy was able to channel not only her leadership skills but also her writing skills! Using her unique knowledge of all the different cultures she’s experienced, Joy started writing short stories and poetry. After settling down in southern Spain, she felt compelled to share her unique experiences as a black American mother traveling and living abroad.

Spain Through the Eyes of a Black American Woman

This compelling book tells riveting and intimate stories of the author and her family’s transition from southern America to a foreign country. Inviting the reader on a profound journey of exotic sights, sounds, and experiences. Open theses pages and prepare to enter a whole new world discovering African American experiences in Spain.

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Book available soon!

Book available soon!