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Black Love

Our May anniversary

The month of May is quite special to my husband and I as we celebrate our 16 year anniversary! In 2006, we were We were

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Juneteenth To Me

What does Juneteenth mean to me? That Black slaves in America were finally set free. Abe Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation in 1864. But they

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International Lifestyle Blogger

A Hero of Huelva

Since my time here in Spain I have met some incredible people. Earlier this year, my journey crossed paths with a beautiful soul by the

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Black American Experiences in Spain

My conflict in a foreign country

1.) “La piel de Amari es tan oscura como el nocturno.”/ cielo de la noche.” Translation: “Amari’s skin is as dark as the night sky.”

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Book available soon!

Book available soon!