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Celebrating Black History Month in Spain 2024

The year 2024 marks our sixth year of living in Andalucía, Spain. As I have always mentioned before, we enjoy learning about different cultures and counties as Spain has been our favorite country thus far. Nevertheless, we can never forget whom we are and where we come from. In America each year since 1976, February has been the month chosen for all African Americans to commemorate what we call “Black History Month.”

Black History Month celebrates our rich cultural and our past heritage. It represents our ancestor’s triumphs and adversities in which they had to overcome and endure for over 400 years; for us to be where are are today.  

For over half of a century, Black Americans have used the month of February to commemorate and honor our Black leaders, activists, inventors and more. Not only do we honor our Black leaders and ancestors, but we also celebrate ALL aspects of our culture such as our food, hair, music, and artistry. Each year that we’ve been here in Spain not only have our children presented projects to their school sharing their black American culture, but we also host barbecues and festivities in honor of Black History Month. This year will be no different.   

The month of February is special to our family as our children prepare their presentations and our family prepare for our annual Black History Month festivities! Until date, Black History Month is officially observed only in United States of America, Canada, Ireland, and the United Kingdom. Perhaps, in the near future, Spain will be added to that list as our family continue to carve our footprints into this beautiful country. Happy Black History Month to us!

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