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Juneteenth To Me

Juneteenth celebration 2022

What does Juneteenth mean to me?

That Black slaves in America were finally set free.

Abe Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation in 1864.

But they kept us in bondage one year more.

1865 was the civil war.

The south won the battle and freedom we bore.

But this small victory was only the beginning.

Black Americans continue to fight social injustices that seems we are not winning.

So Juneteenth is our “Black American Independence Day”…

But I have to be honest and speak what I really want to say.

It’s year 2022 and Black Americans still face generational trauma and stress.

Yet settlements of our reparations are NOT being addressed.

They simply replaced our cotton fields.

With microphones, blood contracts, basketball courts and football fields.

So what shall we do to ease our pain?

Should we flee America and become expats in countries like Spain?

Some will say “yes!”

While others will say “no!”

But whether you chose to stay or go.

Know that in your movements; your journey will flow.

So this was my huge epiphany.

That we have to celebrate each tiny victory.

In honor of Juneteenth what should us Black Americans do?

Well, we have our faith, hope and strength that we must hold onto.

Written by: Joy E. Glenn

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