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The annual food festival in Seville, Spain

Each year in October, the city of Seville hosts the “cultures of Nations festival”. During this event; over 20 different cultures showcase their country’s gastronomic skills of excellence. They are all mostly different restaurants throughout the province of Sevilla. It only cost 2 euros to enter. In the front of the festival there is a market of shops set up selling different things such as jewelry, purses, etc. Further into the festival are countries and their food stands set up. Each country having their flags proudly displayed. Lastly, there is a large stage where each day they have different performers and dance classes. This is one of my favorite events as I always get a glimpse of the diversity that Spain possesses in the food culture. I am able to taste both the differences and the similarities between cultures. But each country has their own and special cuisines which is what makes the experience so exciting! This year is my third year attending and my goal is to try as many different country’s food as I possible can. And I have have the entire month of October to do it!

For more information about this event, please visit the local website at:

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