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Utrera-Sevilla, Spain

The month of August marked our family’s five-year anniversary living in Spain. In 2018 our family moved to this quaint town of Utrera-Sevilla; not knowing what to expect. We had no inclination that here is where we would find our peace and happiness. My family and I are not the same people from 5 years ago. We have each encountered great changes individually, as well as overcame many obstacles. When we arrived in Spain Amari, our oldest son was only 8 years old, Aaron our second son was 4 and Abi, our youngest was only two years of age. As the years progressed so did my children. They developed more maturity, increased their confidence, became bi-lingual, and have unapologetically integrated into the Spanish culture. Over the course of these years in Spain our family have learned plenty about the culture, the people and the country itself. Yet, most importantly we have learned a lot about ourselves. We have been through ups and downs and have had our good and bad days. Nevertheless, there is nothing we would change about this experience. Because it was the process of each experience that made us stronger, and the outcome of that process that made us wiser. Why? Because we always conquered these things together as a family. When I ponder on this subject, I must admit that personally, I myself have become content in my individuality, as I no longer care about the opinions of others. My family is my saving grace and I theirs; we are a tribe and a unit that will not and cannot stop evolving. We will continue to dream big, then make those dreams our reality as we have done time and time again. With much prayer and preparation, my husband and I have developed a grand vision for our family as we are constantly working towards that vision. With our eyes wide, smiles wider and hearts bigger; we will continue to ride this large and beautiful wave called life, never forgetting to trust in God while enjoying each experience along the way.

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